RV Repair

RV Awning Repair

Do you have a broken awning? Was it damaged by the weather or was it damaged by rolling it up or down? These are all common problem and Onsite RV Repair can help you!

RV awnings are an important feature on any recreational vehicle as they provide shade from the hot steamy sun in the summer time. But once that awning is damaged, it can’t provide that.

Common RV awning repairs include a ripped or torn awning canvas due to high winds or hail. Another common awning repair is replacement of the coil inside the awning tube that allows it to roll up or down easily and quickly. Finally, a dirty awning canvas is ugly to look at with all that mold and mildew.

RV Refrigerator repair

RV refrigerators are very important on any type of recreational vehicle as camping is meant to have fun, meet new people, and of course eat well! However, you can’t eat well when your RV refrigerator – freezer can’t keep your food cold anymore.

A common problem with RV refrigerators is that they don’t keep your food cold anymore by either propane or electricity. Other times, a refrigerator electrical malfunction may occur. A trained and specialized RV technician can diagnose your problem and have your refrigerator working again in no time.

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